Slovenian Cultural and Social Club

Our beginnings / Začetek

It was in 1959 that a small group of Slovenian immigrants in the London area gathered with the purpose to socialize and to assist each other in adopting to a new homeland.  The not-for-profit Slovenian Cultural and Social Club was formed and the name “Triglav” was chosen as a symbol for this new club - Triglav, the formidable alpine mountain in the Julian Alps that is the highest point in Slovenia and exemplifies its peoples quiet pride and peacefulness in a land located in central Europe.

A small building was purchased on Hamilton Road which served as a meeting place for all Slovenes and friends in the area.  In 1980, a new banquet hall was officially opened on approximately 50 acres of land located just north of Strathroy.  Over the last 50 years these early immigrants have in good faith successfully passed on to their children, and future generations, the culture and heritage of Slovenia and are a proud part of our Canadian mosaic. 

Forward / Naprej
We welcome you to join us at upcoming events throughout the year. 

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